Fragment of a Latin manuscript dating from around 1500 on parchment, 4 pages on double sheet (fol. 95 and 96), 57 x 42 cm (22.4 x 16.5 in); text in black and red rotunda with numerous finely drawn initials in red and blue, on the last page additionally square-shaped neumes on three- and four-lined staves. - Minimally fingerstained, the parchment with the usual natural flaws and a few tiny holes, some corrections in the text; overall very well preserved and fresh in color.

An antiphonary is used by the liturgical choir for the Liturgy of the Hours and contains prayers and short chants (antiphons). This fragment was possibly created in a Trappist monastery in Southern France and includes the complete ending (verses 33 to 43) of the so-called Canticum Mosis (Song of Moses, Deuteronomy chapter 32) as well as - with notes - the antiphon "Date magnitudinem Deo nostro" and the beginning of the hymn "Aurora iam spargit polum".

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